Below are the various services that are generally offered to our clients. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all services, so feel free to ask if we offer a service you do not see reflected here.

Individual Tax Preparation

We help prepare personal tax filing and maximize deductions along the way. As with any other service, you are given full audit protection on any years we have filed for you.

Business Tax Preparation

(Partnerships, S-Corps, Corps, Sole Proprietorships)
We are experienced in all forms of corporation and self-employed returns. As a matter of fact, it's one of our MANY specialties! Let us take a look at your previous years or just help you maintain your bookkeeping to make your end of year THAT much easier to organize and make sense of. From small business tax returns to large corporations, we can help you keep you up to date.

Quickbooks Bookkeeping

Do you find the everyday work just keeping you away from being able to keep up with all your entries and reconciliations, only to have all those months toppled onto the last minute tax season hustle and stress. Let us eliminate that problem for you and make sure all your expenses and income are organized into the correct classification of expenses and income for your business type.

Assistance in Monthly Budgeting

Are you having trouble making sense of your income versus expenses, and stressed out at the idea of the next bill in the mail? Let our consultants help you create a monthly budget with a yearly focus to get you back on track and relieved.

Audit Protection

One of our pride and joys in services is our automatic Audit Protection services which is FREE when your returns are prepared by one of our employed team members. We also will help provide audit services for those who were prepared by other accountants for a reasonable price.

Financial Consulting

Need to know how to invest your funds wisely and make sound decisions on future planning? Our team of professionals will help you with consulting and 3rd party referrals we have worked out with partners in both personal and business development.

We have the tools you need to help make filing your tax return as simple and efficient as possible, being sure to use all available tax deductions. Please understand that each profession is uniquely different. Therefore, some deductions are not allowable for everyone.  A lot of our daycare providers like to use the software called Minute Menu or KidKare. We have accommodated those childcare providers to uploading those reports that are printed from these software's, instead of having to complete the helpsheets that we provide. This eliminates time that is spent on getting together all documents needed to begin the process of filing your taxes.

You can upload your income tax documents online to our portal once you have created your login.

For our self-employed clients we do offer preparations of profit and loss statements for your financial needs, such as being requested by a lender or The Market Place. Please contact our office regarding this service.

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