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Before completing our sign up form, please review the following details on our policies and procedures. 

OFFICE HOURS: We are available at any hours of the day through e-mail.  You can call us anytime between 9 am - 9 pm eastern standard time.

DEPOSITS: A $100 deposit is required upon our receipt of any data to process. It will be fully deducted on the final invoice for the most current tax year processed. Please note that all deposits received are NON-REFUNDABLE even if client does not complete filing with our team.

DATA DROP OFF: Clients can get data to Dominion through various ways such as, a personal drop off with or without an appointment, fax, attachments through an email, or by mail. You can make an appointment to drop off your data and have us go through your paperwork to make sure that you have included all paperwork for proper and complete processing.

There is a $25 charge for all MISSED APPOINTMENTS without a two-hour notice.

TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS: We are always happy to answer any questions you may have within our field of expertise. There is no charge for this service. If you need your returns explained to a third party, like a mortgage lender, you MUST provide us with the contact name, company name, and phone number of that party in advance. We cannot and will not speak to ANYONE, including the IRS, about your account unless we have your permission, Power of Attorney, or a subpoena!

SPEED OF PROCESSING: We can return your finished project to you in as fast as 2 days to 2 weeks after you provide us with all of the information we need. Some instances take longer depending on different situations or information requested.

OUR FEES: There is a flat fee per required form, and a per hour fee which is dependent on the level of expertise and time required to complete a project. Fees range for everyone and no one project is the same. Estimates are hard to give.

DISCOUNTS: All discounts are given at our discretion and are not the same for everyone. $20 discounts are given for business referrals, $10 for individual referrals, that have already signed up and placed their deposits as new clients.

LATE FEES: The fees for all projects are expected to be paid within 30 days (one month) of completion. There will be a late fee, of $15, assessed from the thirty-first day after completion. All discounts will be denied on any project with an outstanding fee after the thirty days.

PAYMENT POLICY: All projects are delivered COD. We accept checks, but reserve the right to refuse payment other than cash or equivalent from anyone at anytime. If you need us to HOLD your check, please let us know beforehand. We offer this as a courtesy only for selected clients. We do not accept post-dated checks. We do not accept checks for which no funds are available; if a check is returned to us, we will be unable to allow any fee discount on the project and must have the check, the disallowed discount, and bank charges paid in cash within 5 days from the date we are notified by the bank. After 5 days if no contact or arrangements have been made, there will be a Bounced Check Fee of $5 per day assessed each day until the check and all additional charges are received in cash or money order. If you call us before our bank notifies us, you may be allowed to keep any fee discounts, per our discretion.

EXTENSIONS: We do not charge for the first extension filed for only those whom we already have received a deposit.  All Individual returns need to have extentions requested by April 14th.  All Corporations need to have extentions requested by March 14th.  All Partnerships & Fiduciary's need to have extentions requested by April 14th.

Yes, I AGREE to these terms. | No, I DO NOT AGREE to these terms.

We have the tools you need to help make filing your tax return as simple and efficient as possible, being sure to use all available tax deductions. Please understand that each profession is uniquely different. Therefore, some deductions are not allowable for everyone.  A lot of our daycare providers like to use the software called Minute Menu or KidKare. We have accommodated those childcare providers to uploading those reports that are printed from these software's, instead of having to complete the helpsheets that we provide. This eliminates time that is spent on getting together all documents needed to begin the process of filing your taxes.

You can upload your income tax documents online to our portal once you have created your login.

For our self-employed clients we do offer preparations of profit and loss statements for your financial needs, such as being requested by a lender or The Market Place. Please contact our office regarding this service.

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