Q. Should I keep track of all my vehicle expenses if I'm already keeping track of my mileage?

A. Yes, because not every year will your mileage give you the best deduction for your situation that year.  You also, have to keep track of your mileage in order to get your business mileage percentage to use towards the expenses.

Q. The SIGN UP FORM sometimes shows a certificate error. Does this mean the page is going to damage something?

A. No, this is just a result of us using a shared certificate with our server. We will soon be updating our certificate to alleviate the concerns of clients and to show our committment to maintain online privacy and security.

Q. How do I get all my numbers together and organized for you?

A. You can go to the HELP SHEETS page and download any of those documents to help you get prepared, especially if you have deductions. Let us know if you have any questions.

We have the tools you need to help make filing your tax return as simple and efficient as possible, being sure to use all available tax deductions. Please understand that each profession is uniquely different. Therefore, some deductions are not allowable for everyone.  A lot of our daycare providers like to use the software called Minute Menu or KidKare. We have accommodated those childcare providers to uploading those reports that are printed from these software's, instead of having to complete the helpsheets that we provide. This eliminates time that is spent on getting together all documents needed to begin the process of filing your taxes.

You can upload your income tax documents online to our portal once you have created your login.

For our self-employed clients we do offer preparations of profit and loss statements for your financial needs, such as being requested by a lender or The Market Place. Please contact our office regarding this service.

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